2010 Design Excellence Awards

Dear Friends,

It’s taken a day to settle in and absorb the results of KC Magazine’s Design Excellence Awards. WOW! I would like to express my sincere heartfelt gratitude to all who support and acknowledge Portfolio Kitchen & Home’s work. Our boutique design firm is fueled by the passion, creativity and talent of our team but most importantly by the love for “Our Clients” and the design mission we share with them. Through our clients support of Portfolio, and through the collaboration and partnership of many in the Design Community we have the honor to work with daily—architects, space plan designers, builders, contractors, designers, local artisans, and many more—Portfolio has amassed an impressive body of work. We are so fortunate that each of these Portfolio projects, no matter what the scale or type, has been a unique design expression with very special individual relationships with the clients that we serve, wonderful clients who have become dear Portfolio friends.

To pause for just a moment from the work that we so love and be recognized for what we do and how we do it is truly humbling. Thank you KC Magazine and the Design Excellence Awards panel of judges for the opportunity to share our work.

To the Design Community who took part in KC Magazine’s Design Excellence Awards, it’s our honor to be among you and congratulations to your design accomplishments this year! A special congratulations to fellow Edward Tanner Lifetime Achievement award recipients Wendlandt & Stallbaumer / Architecture and Hoffman Cortes Contracting / Construction. We are so proud to stand among you and past Edward Tanner Award winners: Clockwork Architecture + Design; Helix Architecture + Design; and John Rufenacht.

We are so grateful to have obtained such an incredible honor. Such an honor has many translations. For me personally it means so very much...But most importantly it’s a challenge, a challenge that Team Portfolio will take its commitment to design and customer service to even greater heights ...so on Monday we will be back in the design pit, doing what we have the honor to do and what we love—impacting life experiences through design. I do know our best work is yet to come!


My Best to All!


Portfolio Kitchen & Home Inc. © 2010

Thank You!

2010 Design Excellence Awards

Portfolio Kitchen & Home

· Interior / Specialty - Silver

· Interior / Bathroom - Gold

· Interior / Kitchen - Gold

· Interior / Kitchen - Silver

· Interior / Dining-Living Room - Silver

· Architecture / Interior - Silver

· Architecture / Contemporary - Bronze

· Edward Tanner Award / Interior Design

June 18, 2010